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Alternatively if you would prefer a printed copy please contact office@rimonschool.org.uk

Anti Bullying Policy January 2018

Anti-Bullying Advice for Parents


how to support your bullied child kidscape redballoon coram_



Anti-Bullying Advice for Children

dont bully me web version


moving up to secondary school

youcanbeatbullying web 2014


Attendance Policy and Procedures updated December 2017

Behaviour Management Policy Nov 2017

Exclusion Policy 2012

Code of Conduct for Employees Updated Jan 2018

Complaints Policy May 2016

Customer Service Policy May 2018

Equality Policy

Homework schedule 2017-18

Intimate Care Policy Nov 2017

Religious Ethos Policy 2014

PE and Sports Grant Reporting

Parent-Carer School Communication Guidance Sept 2016

Parent Class Representative Policy May '16

Photography and Videos in School Policy May 2018

Physical Intervention and Restraint Policy Nov 2017

Values Curriculum Rimon Dec 2015



Child Protection & safeguarding Policy Nov 2017

Keeping children safe in education guidance from 5 September 2016

London Child Protection Procedures Section 7

Managing Allegations of Abuse Against Teachers and Other Staff Nov 2017

Rimon Safe Staffing Governance Volunteering Operational Procedure Nov 2017

Whistleblowing Policy

Child Protection & Safeguarding Pocket Guide



Inclusion policies and documents and the Accessibility Policy are detailed on the Inclusion Page .



Accident & Incident Reporting Policy Jan 2018
Administering Medicines Policy Jan 2018
Adverse Weather and Unplanned School Closure Mar 2018
Fire safety Policy & Procedures Jan 2018
First Aid Policy Jan 2018
Head Injuries Jan 2018
Health & Safety Policy Jan 2018
Medical Conditions Policy Jan 2018
Missing Pupil Policy Jan 2018
Security Policy Jan 2018
Visitor access Policy Jan 2018


GDPR Data Protection Policy May 2018

Freedom of Information Policy May 2018

Records Management Policy May 2018

Breach Policy May 2018

E-security Policy May 2018

CST's CCTV Code of Practice