Consultation on Admission Arrangements for 2019/2020


The Governors are consulting on admission arrangements for the academic year 2019/20. 

They are consulting on a proposed change to the oversubscription criteria. This is a set of criteria that will determine how places will be allocated in the event that there are more applications than places available for admission to reception class or for casual and in-year admissions to other year groups. 

The proposed change is as follows - 

To introduce an additional oversubscription criterion which gives priority to children of teaching staff of the school where the member of staff has been employed at the school for two or more years at the time at which the application for admission to the school is made and will be in employment as a teacher at the school when the child starts school. 

For further information about the proposed change please read our Consultation Document and the proposed Admissions Policy 20192020 .

Why we are consulting 

In accordance with the School Admissions (Admission Arrangements and Co-ordination of Admission Arrangements) (England) Regulations 2012 admission authorities are required to consult on any proposed changes to admission arrangements. For Rimon Jewish Primary School, the Governors are the relevant admission authority. 

The consultation process allows parents, pre-schools, schools, religious authorities, the local community, the Local Authority and neighbouring local authorities to give their views and comments about proposed admission arrangements. 

We value your feedback and it will be given consideration before the final arrangements are determined.

How to respond

Details of how to respond and/or obtain a copy of the consultation in another format are given in the consultation document. You can also follow this link to our online questionnaire