Teaching and Learning

At Rimon academic excellence for all is a central aim. Through a creative and engaging curriculum, built around phases of learning; Rimon aims to develop intellectual curiosity, independence of mind and critical thought.

Pupils are encouraged to make a meaningful contribution to their global society, respect the environment and gain an understanding and appreciation of their social responsibility.  

Learning happens everywhere in a child’s life; at home, at school, and daily through the wider community in which they live. In school learning takes place through a range of carefully planned activities from whole class teaching, to group and individual work, indoor and outdoor play, child initiated activities, school trips, visits and enrichment activities. 

The staff: pupil relationship is central to teaching and learning at Rimon. Classes of 28 pupils, with a well qualified teacher and a teaching assistant per class, ensures that effective learning can take place for each child. Classes are also split in half for some practical and creative subjects creating excellent opportunities for more personalised study.