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Our 5 guiding principles are:

1. Rigorous pursuit of academic achievement

We believe children can only develop their full potential both academically and creatively if they have mastered the basic skills of literacy, numeracy, and communication. The curriculum and staff structure will be developed with a view to ensuring that the school’s academic results compete with the best available internationally.

2. Rigorous approach to the teaching of Judaism

The Jewish educational, historical and cultural experience provides a model that has underpinned societies all over the world for generations. That model is based firmly on tradition and belief, while still embracing a global perspective and celebrating cultural diversity.

Judaism is a religion built on the deep study and understanding of texts. Rimon is committed to ensuring that children are equipped with the tools required to feel comfortable and interested in the world of Torah Judaism.

3. International awareness

Rimon strives to be a local school for a global city, where an appreciation of international issues will be ingrained in multiple elements of the curriculum.

4. Preservation of the environment - Tikun Olam

Judaism teaches that the world was entrusted to man by God, and that we have a responsibility to take care of it, and ensure it is not exploited to the detriment of future generations. Rimon is committed to ingraining these values in all children and staff

5. Personalised Learning through a commitment to excellent SEN provision

All children, regardless of ability, have the right to make progress and achieve their potential. We believe that wherever possible children with special education needs should have those needs met in a mainstream classroom and that having those children in the classroom benefits all the children in the class. Our provision for children with special educational needs will ensure that Rimon plays an active part in helping children achieve their potential across the spectrum of ability. We aim for Rimon pupils to have a more personalised learning experience and for the school to model good SEN practice in every class.

Our 5 Guiding Principles