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In addition to more traditional academic subjects Rimon pupils will enjoy a diverse and creative enrichment programme through the performing arts, creative arts and regular school visits and trips, residential trips and extra-curricular activities. This is in addition to our Tikun Olam programme and our emphasis on international and environmental awareness throughout the school.

Environment and Ecology

The development of the school garden will build on one of the school’s guiding principles to be respectful and aware of the environment. Gardening and learning about the ecosystem will enrich the science curriculum.

Global World

Pupils are encouraged to think about and contribute to the wider world in which they live. Using secure and safe programmes, such as Oddizzi and blogs, pupils in Reception can interact with pupils from around the globe making links to their lives and the subjects they are all studying.

Performing Arts

Rimon will provide high quality Music and Drama teaching throughout the school. All children will partake in weekly Music and Drama lessons, know as performing arts, introducing new skills and increasing their technical abilities.

Rimon will also offer different music and art groups during the week, such as choir, recorder group, art club, film society etc, in which the children can take part through choice.

There will also be the opportunity for all children to be involved in drama through activities such as school plays and drama workshops and the chance to sit for L.A.M.D.A. qualifications in Year 5 and Year 6.

Creative Arts

Food Technology is a crucial life skill where pupils learn about food preparation nutrition and healthy eating. Food Technology will be timetabled alongside Art and Design so pupils are in half classes and able to fully participate in cookery and design projects. This will create a full and enriching creative arts curriculum for all pupils to access.