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Pupil Code and Behaviour

Pupils are asked to understand and respect other’s culture, race, feelings, beliefs and values. We also ask our pupils to:

  • Accept responsibility for the things they do
  • Take responsibility for school and homework 
  • Ensure that they will take home all school letters
  • To ask for help if needed
  • To do their best in all they undertake
  • To follow the school's rules, the Chai rules for life and class rules

Our (18) Chai Rules for Life:  

  1. We respect everyone and treat each other as we would like to be treated.
  2. We tell the truth and are polite - we always say please and thank you.
  3. We use kind words and are careful not to upset people with what we say.
  4. We help others who are less fortunate than ourselves.
  5. We respect and listen to all adults and always do what they ask us to do.
  6. We join in with all the activities and work together with other children.
  7. We listen to other children and respect their opinions.
  8. We share equipment and let other children join in our games and activities.
  9. We look after our school building and school property and treat it carefully.
  10. We always use equipment safely and sensibly.
  11. We are aware of others as we move around the school, moving quietly, safely and sensibly inside.  We only run when we are outside.
  12. We are careful not to hurt any child or adult or damage school property. 
  13. If we are upset about something, we talk to an adult. We settle our arguments with childrenby talking about them or talking to an adult.
  14. We make the most of our learning time and complete tasks.
  15. We help others and make sure they can work without disturbing them.
  16. We celebrate our learning and plan our next steps to do even better.
  17. We are happy when our friends do well. We celebrate other people’s achievements.
  18. We always try our best!

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