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Kodesh Curriculum

Jewish Studies

Jewish Studies at Rimon is a curriculum where pupils actively engage with Jewish texts, experience and participate in Jewish practise, connect with Hashem through tefillah, mitzvot and social and environmental action and confidently articulate their Jewish identity while being knowledgeable and respectful of others. Rimon has a modern orthodox Jewish ethos.

Pupils will have the opportunity to learn a foreign language, both in its ancient form (biblical Hebrew) and its modern equivalent (modern Hebrew - Ivrit). Employing their knowledge of biblical Hebrew, pupils will be able to analyse Torah text and develop skills of contextualisation, investigation, deduction and interpretation. Learning Ivrit beIvrit, pupils will develop confidence in speaking, listening, reading and writing Ivrit and apply those skills, for example, by forging links with pupils in Israeli schools.

In addition to discreet Kodesh and Ivrit time, Jewish Studies will also be integrated into other subjects of the curriculum, for example, during Chanukah, pupils might investigate sources of energy. We believe that Jewish Studies can enrich the development of all children, whether of the Jewish faith, other faiths or none.

Please find the link to the Kodesh Handbook below:

Kodesh Handbook