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Pupil Progress

Staff continually assess pupils’ achievement & progress informally as part of our regular teaching. In addition, we use formal assessment tests at regular points during the school year. We hold termly Pupil Progress Meetings with the secular & kodesh class teachers as well as the Headteacher, Deputy Head & Inclusion Leader. These meetings are an opportunity for us to formally review every child’s progress in order to ensure they are making good progress & additional support is provided for any pupils who require it.  

How do we report children's progress to parents?

We hold Parents’ Evenings twice a year (Autumn and Spring Terms). Parents meet with their children’s secular, kodesh and Ivrit teachers and are also given written summary reports with details of their children’s current progress and targets. We also issue full written reports to parents at the end of the school year. If parents or teachers have any concerns regarding children’s progress, they can arrange to meet at any time during the year. Children who have identified special educational needs will have their progress reviewed with their parents each term via a review of their Individual Education Plan (IEP), together with the school’s Inclusion Leader.